These artists hope to have the first Golden Buzzer in Belgium’s Got Talent

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This week returns the most talent of Flanders back to the screen. On Friday, February 23, steps An Lemmens, Niels Destadsbader, Stan Van Samang and Dan Karaty the fifth jubileumseizoen of Belgium’s Got Talent. Fourteen weeks long, they look to the successors of Baba Yega and distinguish them the penalty of the even tougher talent. But season five surprised also with an important novelty. From now on get also hosts Laura Tesoro and Koen Wauters, a Golden Buzzer for their favourite act straight through to the large studioshows.

Laura and Koen can their Golden Buzzer one time during the auditions. And that auditions promise again a colorful mixture of striking talent to be. Among others, a rapping grandmother, a singing mermaid, a poetry slam, flatland BMX, sporthouthakken and borders flan food bring excitement and relaxation. Who of the jury 3 yes’s, with a chance to win a place in the studioshows.

Of originality is no defect in the startaflevering. The 30-year-old Gilles from Vilvoorde up with Flatland BMX, which he describes as ‘ breakdancing on a bike. With his participation he hopes the still fairly unknown sport to the general public. That is also the goal of Timberteam Belgium (33-36, Ribbon). The burly men bring a first in Belgium’s Got Talent: sporthouthakken. Roxanne (26, Berchem) is original, out of the corner with words. She has a unique talent and can backwards talk.

Also a prominent candidate of last season, ventured again to take his chance. The 31-year-old Christian evil makuta from Nieuwkerke is still in the memory of the jury etched, thanks to his West-Flemish oorwurm about frikandellen. The shows he got unfortunately not. This year they hope to J4E more, with a comical song about his father. Best friends Karim & Victor (21 and 22, Kortrijk) deal with a song of a different caliber. Karim is a rapper, Victor singing and playing the piano. Together they bring their self-written song Alone.

The Lillies (9-10, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw) hunting the schattigheidsfactor the height. Twin sisters Amélie and Lucie and her friends Lila, Elin and Anaïs have one dream: to always stay together. Dressed as the Flintstones, they bring a energetic gymnastiekact. Another very young talent comes from Exclusive Crew from Wetteren. This 7 cool girls (9-11 years) bring an expressive choreography. They do not limit themselves to one dance style, but a mix of hiphop, afro and locking.

The Alici’s hope that the Golden Buzzer for them is pressed. The Ghent Serdi and Nicky (30 and 28) are 8 years together, 1 year married and madly in love. They surprise the judges with a song and beatboxact. Also the lord of Darisem chose a special act. David and Joris (26 and 34, Herent) occur together on weddings and corporate events. Now they bring their comedy act for the first time on a big stage.

Dance group RheAxion from Steenokkerzeel (13-35 years) was just a year ago, but clearly no challenge out of the way. They pooled all of their talents and hope the jury down to blow up with a mix of dance styles. If that is in dansfanaat An Lemmens and expert Dan Karaty? Among the energetic acts, and manages the young duo Twice from Ingelmunster to the jury and the audience silent. Brings their sensitive choreography Lone and Nathan (13 and 15 years) and also to the next round?

Belgium’s Got Talent, Friday at 20.40 hours on VT.

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