The Romeo’s treat with Frikandel XXL

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Last year, on Valentine’s day was ‘The Romeo’s Frikandel XXL’ will be launched in the Pamelse deep-fry The Friethuisje. Thanks to the huge (media) attention, The Romeo’s and producer Vanreusel at the start more than 300,000 frikandellen from, spread over thousands of Belgian frying. With its 35 centimetres is ‘The Romeo’s Frikandel XXL’ still the biggest frituursnack and the success of the lightly seasoned, slightly spicy frikandel, breaks all records. “At the end of June were The Romeo’s special award for selling more than 500,000 frikandellen. We are half a year later, and again The Romeo’s a record broken”, says Maurice de Kroon, marketing manager at Vanreusel.

Friday 23 February 2018 is a new milestone in the frituurgeschiedenis of The Romeo’s. At 10.00 hours we get in the iconic deep-fry, The Club, located along the Noorderlaan 171 in the port of Antwerp, comments on the new plans around ‘The Romeo’s Frikandel XXL’, where Make-A-Wish Belgium is involved. “In the room next to the chip shop, in the presence of The Romeo’s, we set the serial of ‘The Romeo’s Frikandel XXL for and we know how successful the collaboration was already in the past year. After the presentation, take The Romeo’s as voleerde frikandellenbakkers place behind the counter of The Club. The shop is run by Jarno Van Eyck and Jackie The Moor, a man who we know as the former bodyguard of Wendy Of Mittens. Jackie is the perfect friturist, with a successful showbiz background. Are fry, The Club has grown into the most famous chip shop of the port of Antwerp and its surroundings. This is the chip shop where jan and alleman feel right at home. Where the dockers culinary fraternize with the sheriff’s department, while the music of The Romeo’s playing in the background. Here we write this Friday’s history”, says Dirk Timmerman on behalf of CNR Belgium. In addition, treat the Romeo’s between 10 and 13 hours with the Frikandel XXL. Free trials and free on the picture with The Romeo’s.

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