Swastikas deface Polish embassy in Israel

682cefea1a0943d366ea7f4b46d9ce1c - Swastikas deface Polish embassy in Israel

A day after the Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that ‘there were also jewish perpetrators were’ during the Second world War, there are two swastikas painted on the gate of the Polish embassy in Israel. There was also offensive graffiti found.

The police in Tel Aviv opened an investigation after the words ‘murderer’ were found on the building. Morawiecki who provoked Israel after he during a veiligheidsconferentie in Munich a few journalists stood.

An Israeli journalist asked Morawiecki Saturday or he is the law in Poland would be violated when he publicly would say that he of his mother, who survived the Holocaust, had learned that there were also Poles who, with the Gestapo worked together, said the Polish prime minister is negative. ‘Yes,’ said Morawiecki, ” here we go, no penalties to speak, for people who say that the Poles also collaboreerden during the Second world War.’

‘But’, so went Morawiecki further, ” you have everything in the right perspective. I can say that during the war Polish perpetrators were. I can also say that Russian men were. I can well say that there is jewish perpetrators were, really, or Ukrainian. There were not only German perpetrators.’

Morawiecki responded through his spokesperson that ” there are no jewish victims are responsible for the genocide of Nazi Germany’. But Israel is the evil done. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded vigorously. The Polish prime minister is clearly not able to understand the history’, he responded. ‘These statements are disgraceful and shameless. It is a very big problem for us is that people do not understand how sensitive this tragedy.”

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