SPD begins with ledenraadpleging

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BERLIN – The SPD begins Tuesday officially with the ledenraadpleging about the formation of a new coalition with the CDU/CSU. The about 463.000 party members must be on this date the pieces inside have to make a judgement about participating in government. No later than march 2, the ballot papers are returned to the executive.

Europe is waiting for the results on 4 march. That is in advance not predictable. After the sudden farewell of Martin Schulz, the new party leadership with an interim president Olaf Scholz and intended successor, Andrea Nahles the land in the constituency to convince them of the value of the concluded coalition agreement. There are seven conferences in the region are planned.

A debate with Kevin Kühnert, the chairman of the Young Socialists and outspoken opponent of the grand coalition, is not on the agenda. The SPD has in the negotiations with the christian democrats quite a bit for them. Agreed is 46 billion extra to invest in pensions, employment, health care, housing, schools and the health system.

However, many social democrats cooperation with Angela Merkel. According to them, it’s more of the same instead of a real political change of course. Clear measures to do something about the gap between rich and poor and the splitting of the society are missing, for example. On the other hand, fear they will also be new elections. In the last poll, the SPD (15.5 percent) overtaken by the right-populist AfD (16 percent).

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