Rutger Hauer was Blade-Runner-sequel unnecessary

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Rutger Hauer was Blade Runner 2049, the long-awaited sequel to his American breakthrough, ’useless’. That says the Dutch actor at the festival of Berlin, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. It is the first time that Hauer is in this way, exhaust on the film.

Both films take place in a future where being hunted in ’replicants’, artificial people. In the first part, Hauer is one of those replicants. “The sequel was beautiful,” admits Hauer in the conversation. “But I keep wrestling with the question of why the film exactly had to be made. I believe in the statement that things are as they are so beautiful are left alone should be.”

Hauer states that the first Blade Runner is not about the replicants was, but about what it means to be human’. “Just like E. T. But I could not identify what the theme of the second movie was. It’s not the characters, there is no humor, there is no love, there is no. You can see that it is a wonderful tribute to our first movie. But for me that is not enough.” He adds, incidentally, that the total is not important what he thinks.

Further, after the 74-year-old actor in the interview, many regret the rejection of the leading role in the German oorlogsthriller Das Boot. “They wanted me for the lead role. But I thought it was a boyscouts-film under water; I said no. On the other hand, I could well say yes to Blade Runner. Otherwise I had during the run of that movie on the set of Das Boot stood.”

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