Robin Van Persie: ‘El Ahmadi and Vilhena geweldenaren’

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Robin van Persie proves in record time, his value for the Team. Against Heracles, he was matchwinnaar (1-0). He finds that all credits to him.

“I played against Heracles on the midfield and Karim El Ahmadi and Tonny Vilhena geweldenaren,” said the goalscorer.

In The Cockpit, the spectators were not more spoiled. Against Heracles, it was like there with Van Persie an Aston Martin at the start was in a field with only Skoda’s. The class of the most expensive car made just as against FC Groningen the difference.

With your own eyes

But Van Persie is so that other brands may be underestimated. The 34-year-old Dutchman is pointing in that respect to the many pk’s Tonny Vilhena and Karim El Ahmadi. The outside world has not always in the holes of the quantities of work which two oppose it. Robin Van Persie: “Karim and Tonny are much more important to Wigan than the public thinks. In training and in matches, they are the men who always busy and always go first in battle. They do an awful lot for the team. I see their quality with your own eyes now.”

Vilhena provided the assist on the goal by Van Persie, who from outside the penalty area he landed. El Ahmadi got the rest already have a tap, but played for a long time. Only when he really could not go on, he had to be replaced. Sunday, he hopes most of all to stand against PSV.

Struggling with form

It took against Heracles too long before the ball came to van Persie. It was typical of the total picture of Feyenoord-Heracles. The fans screamed, the ball almost in the direction of Van Persie, but too often looked for the Feyenoord the solution to Jean-Paul Boëtius and Kevin Diks, who, like many players at the home team were struggling with their form.

That Feyenoord again not the account was for the heavy vormdip of the team was to Heracles and the lat. The team from Almelo was given three big chances to score, but Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Jones and the lat were the visitors across. Trainer John Stegeman noted afterwards also that he is very satisfied was about the game of Heracles.


For Van Bronckhorst is there enough to figure out and tinker in the coming days. On the question of whether Van Persie himself for a long time, a role, sit as a no. 10, he replied, not negative. He will leave the trainer, that Nicolai Jørgensen in the striker wants to keep. “But I have in the youth is always on ten played, at Arsenal in the beginning for a while. So I am familiar with that place,’ said Van Persie.

And well, proved that he is on that position, also can still score, he has already…

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