Riot in a prison in Rio de Janeiro

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SAO PAULO – Inmates in a severely overcrowded Milton Dias Moreira prison in the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro are in rebellion, and there are an unknown number of guards and staff hostage.

The riot police have the building surrounded, but in the prison have the prisoners Sunday night is still the matter in the hands. It is unclear whether there are victims, reports the regional government.

In prison, an estimated 2000 detainees. According to official data provides the establishment location to 900 prisoners. The incident is just another in a series of gevangenisopstanden. The Brazilian jails sit filled to overflowing.

Rio is plagued by a wave of violent crime. The lingering economic recession has, inter alia, the police, eroded by lack of investment. President Michel Temer asked Friday for a general at the head of the security in the state. He should be with his men during 2018 the city safer. The parliament must still approve the measure.

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