Police warns of life-threatening hype

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MECHELEN – The police of Mechelen alerts for a dangerous game that few young people in the Belgian city is played. They jump plotselijk for a moving car, causing the driver to immediately stop. That writes the Gazet van Antwerpen.

Eyewitnesses tell the police how these young people from these dangerous stunts and did, while others the scene were filming. “On the side were some other young people. It was clear that their comrade encouraged, it’s all love and him afterwards with compliments overstelpten because he had done it,” says Wim Albrechts.

The hype was mostly on the Tervuursesteenweg, Mechelen. “These are facts that are not by the bracket. Those youngsters play not only with their own safety, but also that of other road users,” says says Dirk Van de Sande of the police of Mechelen-Willebroek.

Nevertheless, films of the bystanders is not yet online come. Also, there are still no emdlingen been victims or damage vehicles. However, calls on the police to immediately report the incident.

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