Orange after 30 years away at Huis ter Duin

8252fdd6ede6aa058a4e407f4fb7ec03 - Orange after 30 years away at Huis ter Duin

The Dutch team will be under new coach Ronald Koeman in Zeist, to prepare for the competitions. Orange after more than thirty years, goodbye to the hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk (nl) and club Quick Boys in Katwijk.

The Dutch team comes from the friendly duel on march 23, with England preparing for the KNVB Campus in sacramento. “Who is with us in Zeist, sees immediately to our fields, to our medical centre, to the case where our research is that top teams here at home to hear. And the Dutch national team at all. This is our home, such as that in a distant past ever was,” said director of football Eric Gudde.

The internationals remain in Zeist to sleep in the neighbouring Hotel Woudschoten. “I’m happy with the return to Zeist,” says Koeman. “I myself often in Noordwijk at the time, as a player and as a trainer/coach, so I know how good it was in there. But the football is in our guiding, we choose for the football. In Zeist we have everything at hand.”

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