Of Poland: “no elbow Huntelaar’

7897ec90cd45c0c0dae2f09de93950d9 - Of Poland: "no elbow Huntelaar'

PEC Zwolle captain Bram van Polen jump after the end of the duel with Ajax in the gap for the much talked about Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

The later matchwinnaar off in a corner with his arm back and hit Poland in the face.

“I have the total, not as an elbow experience”, showed the defender in front of the camera of Fox Sports his most collegiate side. “It’s a little. He used his arm, but I do it myself sometimes. In the penalty area but it’s always something happening,” said Poland.

Coming home

“In addition, I see there are still reasonable, I can still come home,” decided the captain with a smile.

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