New documentary focuses on the sound effects in ” Star Wars.”

9230e3ef411d15f36827b08657b5b0be - New documentary focuses on the sound effects in " Star Wars."

In a new documentary entitled ‘The Force of Sound’ brings ABC News a visit to the ‘nerdmekka’ Skywalker Ranch. There they went to talk with a number of people who have worked on the sound effects of ” Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That reports The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s kind of a passieproject for me,” says Clayton Sandell of ABC News. “I love ‘Star Wars’, but I really love the aspect behind the scenes and talk love with the creative people who make all this possible.”

Sandell and his crew give the viewer a look at the noise production of ‘The Last Jedi’ by ‘Skywalker Sound’ the team behind show, a 30 minute documentary. The crew interviewed writer-director Rian Johnson, along with supervisor Matt Wood and sound designer Ren Klyce. They are for their work on the film, nominated for an Oscar.

“It’s pretty ‘nerdy’ fun, and I think it’s pretty different,” says Sandell. “I think that you really get the feeling of how it is like to be in the Skywalker Ranch.”

‘The Force of Sound’ from tomorrow morning (Us time) available online at

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