New British party wants brexit stop

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LONDON – A new British political party launched on Monday a national campaign for the brexit to stop. The Renew party, which last year was founded, said to try to stimulate the debate about the brexit to stir. According to have the party the main political parties of Great Britain have no more contact with their voters, who feel abandoned by the political elite.

“We plan the brexit and the causes of the brexit against the light to keep,” said James Torrance, head of strategy of the party. “We will exert pressure on members of parliament to the national interest to consider and (in the EU) stay back, lay it on the table in a vote on the final EU deal.”

Since the referendum, supporters of EU membership, various legal and political methods explored, to what they see as the biggest flaw in the British political history after the Second world War to prevent.

Prime minister Theresa May, whose government and party is divided over the brexit, has only eight months to make a deal with the EU.

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