Migrants detained for coast Libya

713eb4f4a0e28e6163f97e9f260e2918 - Migrants detained for coast Libya

TRIPOLI – The Libyan authorities have hundreds of migrants stopped at two rubberbootjes tried to leave the country. It goes according to the coast guard to 324 individuals from countries like Chad, Nigeria, côte d’ivoire and Mali.

The authorities stopped the boats within a few miles from the coast. Among the passengers were 35 women and 16 children, said a spokesman for the coast guard in a statement. The number of migrants through Libya to cross to Europe since last July and sharply decreased. Authorities in the North African land grab often.

In Italy, according to figures from the ministry of the Interior this year so far more than 3500 migrants from Libya arrived. That is a decrease of 62 percent compared to the same period last year.

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