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Luizenmoeder-director Diederik Ebbinge angry about ratings

a29c9cb579d49bf0f5dd3132188d6495 - Luizenmoeder-director Diederik Ebbinge angry about ratings

Diederik Ebbinge known as the director of Anton in The Luizenmoeder, irritated by RTL Boulevard. On Twitter he responds to a message from the entertainment programme that the ratings of the Luizenmoeder dropped back.

Weekly watch more than 3 million people to the ups and downs on bassischool The Ivy. The series drew even including terugkijkers the astronomical limit of 5 million viewers. The Luizenmoeder making it the best viewed programme of NPO3 and the most back program of all stations in the Netherlands ever.

RTL Boulevard

Diederik Ebbinge don’t even understand that RTL Boulevard there is emphasis on the need to explain that the ratings of the hit series something down are gone. The actor, who played the role of open-minded, but sometimes hypocritical principal plays, saves vilein back with the fact that RTL is not a single program in the huge success top 10.

Season 2 for The Luizenmoeder

Diederik Ebbinge is itself one of the creators of the series. The success is unprecedented, the number Hello all, so glad you’re there was a big hit. AVROTROS made for the first season has ended even been announced that a second season is on the program. There is also a Flemish remake of the series.


Is it really need to be on the negative messages to respond? “Sometimes the temptation is too great,” says Diederik Ebbinge on his Twitter. Probably will Ebbinge RTL Boulevard is not likely for a participizza-evening invite.

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