Liam Gallagher gives fight during tour.

a736b9179772b04dc971a12c94e105e0 - Liam Gallagher gives fight during tour.

Liam Gallagher makes a bizarre statement about an incident in 2002 in Munich took place. The 45-year-old singer says in fact that the German police at the time his front teeth with a pair of pliers removed. Liam was then involved in a brawl during a German tour of the band. “If you get a slap on your face would get, you would think that you have a big fat lip, there are left, right? I had no thick lip,” explains Liam. “I could still whistle. The teeth were also entirely drawn. If they are broken, could you still see?” Gallagher suspects the police, but why they would have done, is unclear.

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