10 Questions

Kristel Verbeke asks children the head of the body

What do the children of life and what keeps them busy? Kristel Verbeke will find out. These are our tv tips.

1. Kinderkopkes

One 21.25-21.55 pm

While Josje wondering which body part they once to pierce and Karen are wondering in what language she first soloplaatje shall agree to include, ask Kristel Verbeke’s children of the head of the body: about life, and about their concerns.

2. Cold Blooded: farm family slain

Canvas 23.15-0.00 hours

New documentary about an old case: the gruesome quadruple murder of the family of farmers Clutter in 1959. The matter was already extensively documented by Truman Capote (“In cold blood”) that also often opdraaft on archival footage.

3. Police 24/7

One 20.40-21.25 hours

Surprisingly kijkcijfersucces, this very friendly reality tv series about the Antwerp police. Scores twice as good as The buurtpolitie, it must be that there are better acted.

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