Kremlin: charges US without any proof

f4d47d49a326c8ad024035077077cc81 - Kremlin: charges US without any proof

MOSCOW – The Kremlin has Monday the American allegations about the presidential elections in the US rejected. The charges, of the American special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, contain no evidence that Russia did with that campaign has interfered, reads the statement. Mueller is investigating for some time the Russian interference in the American presidential elections.

A spokesman from the Kremlin said in a press conference that the allegations are unfair and unfounded. In Muellers indictment be thirteen Russians and three Russian entities accused of interfering in the American elections and political processes.

Russia has always denied that the land to the U.s. elections has influenced in favour of the later president Trump. Mueller also examines whether employees from the camp-Trump have conspired with Russia to the Democratic Party and candidate Hillary Clinton to damage.

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