Kendall Jenner dares by anxiety disorder not to go out

cc513137dd38c9cf8a98862e26d2d949 - Kendall Jenner dares by anxiety disorder not to go out

Kendall Jenner suffers from an anxiety disorder, which she no longer dares to go. Also keeps them away from social media.

That, says Jenner during last Sunday’s broadcast episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Jenner had always been suffering from panic attacks, but thinks that her anxiety is exacerbated by the violent events of the past. “There is so much happened, such as the robbery at Kim (Kardashian, red.) and my stalker,” says the model.

Kim Kardashian was in October 2016 assaulted in her apartment in Paris, in which ten million of jewelry taken. The same month, Jenner harassed by a stalker at her house.

“Therefore, I do not like to go out and I place no tweets or Instagramfoto’s more. Then I feel so panicky, so crazy,” said Jenner.

According to the model, her family has too little thought to what all of them had to suffer. “I think that plays a big role in how I sometimes feel. It is difficult to think about it. But I think talking about it will help me better to deal with it,” says Jenner.

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