Jim van der Zee believes in coachrol Lil’ Small

1fc59b14a6d0cc7b3841bf067711fe19 - Jim van der Zee believes in coachrol Lil’ Small

The fresh-from-The-Voice-winner Jim van der Zee can’t find it crazy that Lil’ Small next season, one of the coaches in the talent show. According to him, you don’t need a singer to good coaching.

“I know his music is not good and I know him personally also, but the negative reactions to his coachschap I understand not so well,” Jim said Monday on Radio 10. “A person don’t singer to be a good coach and you are good to be able to assist.”

According to Jim is what you get if candidate is not singing lessons from your coach. “It really is about the guidance in everything around it. And maybe he can do that very very well. Ali B can do that as a rapper, in any case, very good. Or talents for Lil’ Small going to choose will be next season should prove to be, but I wouldn’t know why not.”

Lil’ Small replace next season Miss Montreal on the rotating chairs of the RTL program.

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