Jenny steals the show with Luk Alloo

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Who Will Tura a bit better to know that he would rather tells a story with his songs than through interviews. “I am a singer. This is my life. I am addicted to my music”, it is not by chance one of his lyrics. Sixty years he had on the shelves, but still hit a few journalists are really close to Will. Luk Alloo, of course, has an advantage. He knows he Will for years private. In very exceptional cases may Luk his father-in-law Will now for days to follow and all sorts of surprises to experience. Will Will not really like surprises. “You had me to inform all you about me,” he says with a straight face against Luk.

One of those surprises is a trip to Will’s roots in the West-Flemish Veurne. Drop Luk to him again behind the wheel of his first car, a Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet from 1958, “a sproetje,” says Will, “the car of my life”. Together they drive to the place where he has his first gig did in Veurne, hall Eldorado, though it appears the building does not exist anymore.

Very catchy it is when Will his first date with his wife Jenny and may again, in the same café in Brussels, at the same table as then, more than 45 years ago. Jenny remembers that she was first not really under the impression this was of the popular singer. “I know that, I was ‘sir’ said. He did his best. But I wish never to take the first step. That he had to do. He was a handsome man, but I was not immediately in love with.” Will talks about what he sees as the secret of their marriage. “She has always well-balanced. She was always a woman who knew what she wanted, but I never flattered. I was Arthur Blanckaert for her, and not Will Tura.”

There is no Fleming that the name Will Tura do not know. And that while the few had close to the young Arthur Blanckaert was at the end of years ’50 the stage opgekropen as James Blanca. That was the name that its discoverer, Walter Richard when his poulain wanted to give. Will was almost forgotten, but in a visit to his parental house in Veurne, diving, old newspaper clippings. The house is now inhabited by a fan of Tura, and who have collected a lot of clippings. Will grew up in that house, and pulls in memories of his parents, his sister and his brothers. “We hung really comfortable, my family is still very close. A clan, on his Italian. That was awesome.” When Will decide on the beach to go jogging, he walks inside with his older sister Jacqueline. Still two hands on one belly. “Already in the third grade, they said: Peer not listening during the lesson, with his head is he still in the singing class. It was always music.”

But the man who all his life is involved with music and in Flanders everything has reached, on his 77th still nervous when they need to occur. “It is peculiar, I realize that. Sometimes I understand it. I am a skeptic. In everything I do, I ask the question: am I good enough? But I’m also spoiled by my audience. Sometimes they come for the 20th time. And is again the venue sold out. That is a great medicine.”

Alloo, Tuesday at 21.40 on VTM.

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