Jennifer Lawrence stops a year with acting

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence is going to be a year of not acting, and will be so for a while disappear from the screen. That she has announced in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Lawrence wants the coming year to focus on activism and politics.

“I take a year off,” and expressed the atrice it in her interview with ET. Still, Lawrence is not just going to be twelve months long vacation to take. She wants to focus in the coming time, full-time commitment as an activist.

Intention is to “get more young people to encourage politics to convert”. Therefore, the 27-year-old movie star to collaborate with the organization to Represent.Us.

For those who wonder for which party Lawrence, then, “politics wants to engage”, is it for the effort. Represent.Us state according to the actress completely detached from party politics. The organization would especially like to battle against corruption in politics, so as to support democracy.

Lawrence profiled itself in the past as an activist, among others, by expressly advocating for equality between men and women. So she complained, inter alia, the wage gap between men and women in Hollywood.

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