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Jennifer Lawrence disappears and reappears from the screen

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They ist this year, still to be seen in the movie Red Sparrow, which also Matthias Schoenaerts makes its appearance, and fans can also see it working in the new X-man. Then the red carpet to wait for actress Jennifer Lawrence, because she is fully committed as an activist.

‘I take a year off, ” said Lawrence in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I’m going to collaborate with the organization to Represent.Us, and wants more young to encourage people to be politically engaged, ” said Lawrence.

‘Our democracy’

She explains that the organization has nothing to do with party politics, but that they want to use for issues relating to anti-corruption, and, especially, the democracy wants to create.

Lawrence leaves for a while her voice can be heard. She was active during the Women’s March calling for equality between men and women. ‘I’m for women’s rights and equal pay between a man and a woman’, was read on her Facebook page. That means they have a plate that reads: ‘a woman’s place is in the revolution.’

They also made itself known that they are less deserved than her male opponents in the film ‘American Hustle’. They complained that Amy Adams and they were paid less than the male actors Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale.

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