“Jennifer Aniston and Justin really married?’

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One would think that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux to the court must, now they last Thursday aankondigd have to go. Or were the two after all never so sure of their case? TMZ discovered that the two possibly may have never officially married.

Everyone assumed that the acteurskoppel in 2015, their marriage vows were behind in their Bel Air mansion in 2015. But TMZ beat all the registered marriages out to the year 2010 and found no evidence of the marriage of Jennifer Aniston with Justin Theroux. There is such a thing as confidential huwelijkspapieren, but sources told the website that the two celebrities have not gotten in the municipality of Los Angeles.

Remains the possibility that they have their trouwpapieren in one of the other parts of California have obtained. Although that is an option, spoke to TMZ with a few of Jennifer’s insiders who have been in regular contact with her. They say that it is not the first time that the question arises whether the two actually officially got married. There would be a long time to talk about it. But what more confident of their case, checked TMZ also has a number of well-known divorce lawyers. But no, none of them was approached by Jennifer or Justin.

Secretly married

In August 2015, came the messages to the outside that the acteurskoppel in the deepest secret married, during the celebration of the 44th birthday of Justin. The guests were there already, the party was already there, as well as a huge cake; remained only to each other, the marriage vows in the presence of a parish priest – who, with a bible under his arm at the house signaled it was – and to each other the rings to slide.

In retrospect it is very possible, according to TMZ that despite claims about ironclad prenuptial agreement that Jennifer prepared would have to be its enormous ability to secure – the two at the time, at that party have left and never to the law in marriage.

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