“He dragged me by my hair on the ground’

fd9463858ea76747fa25cb82010655f3 - "He dragged me by my hair on the ground'

Temptation Island-seducer Alex Maas was recently sentenced to three months in prison after assaulting a man, but it seems that he his hands again, not at home could keep. A young woman from Belgium has now reported to the police against the hunk.

The woman took the incident place in Club Versuz in Hasselt. Out of nothing would Alex suddenly started to her hair pulling. “I have no word with him changed. I shouted, but he didn’t want to let go, he went so far that he gave to me on the ground voortsleepte. Without a cause”, as she tells The Newspaper.

Out of fear of the seducer, she wants to remain anonymous. After the incident she has reported to the police. Security cameras would be the argument.

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