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Great success ‘Blind Married’ forcing Four to intervene

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The spring of Four, after two weeks of no kijkcijferkanon completed. The transmitter throws its program on Monday already. Bartel Van Riet later in the evening, to the competition with ‘Blind Married’ and ‘Police 24/7’ to escape.

Four still waiting on the return of The Mole. Last year was the razendpopulaire program previously on the viewer released, but despite the excellent viewing figures had to be the showpiece of the Four still to travel against Blind Married. Why was The Mole, this time delayed until when the Flemish public over a number of weeks know how the trouwers of Blind Married is gone. It is an understandable strategy, because Bartel in the Wild appears to certainly not a party for Blind Married on VTM and Police 24/7 on One.

Therefore, grabs Four in. Bartel Van Riet comes from tonight until 22.15 hours along. He is opposite Of Gils & Guests on One and The Infiltrator, on VTM. Of Reed switches place with Philippe Geubels, to 20: 35 hours in the repetition goes with Geubels and the Belgians. In between continues to Control Pedro on post. Moreover, draws From Reed tonight by the gorges and ravines of Albania with Pedro Elias and Barbara Sarafian, who also has a role in The Infiltrator.

Karen and her plate

On fri, may Four to rely on established value Topdokters, that almost a half a million loyal viewers, the evening itself. Come the following day still about 200,000 deferred. Lions will need it later in the evening with less than half. But a program on entrepreneurship aims also not directly on the masses.

On Wednesday night has Four clearly misrekend about the appeal of Karen Damen. They should do this time without her sounding board, James Cooke and is working on a mission where the general public may not immediately deliver a message to. Most people seem to think: take that album, but, will we ever listen when she is ready. There are on Wednesday night significantly more viewers interested in the duels that Saartje Vandendriessche enters into with the men on One, and in the troubles of Of Axis & Sons on VTM.

On Thursday, it seems the programming in the right crease sitting with the nice Hotel Römantiek, that in its second week, suddenly 100,000 viewers bijkreeg the night itself, and the memoirs of Ex-gangster Danny Vanhamel. The first episode performed poorly, the second did a lot better and was a lot more exciting to follow.

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