‘Geoffrey Rush became tegenspeelster unwanted’

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Geoffrey Rush would be in the last week that he was on the boards was with King Lear, a tegenspeelster several times touched in a way that they are as unpleasant experienced.

That claims to be a lawyer from the Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which last year, an article devoted to the inappropriate behaviour of the Australian actor, without taking in details.

Rush lamented the newspaper to the direction of the story, because according to him, it is not right. Monday was the lawyer of the Telegraph heard.

He told the court that Rush tegenspeelster five days in a row on the stage would have touched in a way it had not been done. They experienced this as very unpleasant, and had asked him to stop, but Rush would still by are gone. “That in itself is inappropriate behaviour”, argued the lawyer.


The counsel of Rush responded in the negative on the story. He reported the allegations as ‘vague’. Rush was made in 2015 and 2016 in the theater as King Lear.

The Daily Telegraph published the article concerned in december. Rush and invested it directly in a press conference in which he legal steps announced and said that the newspaper, his reputation had been damaged.

Irreparable damage

The Daily Telegraph has false, defamatory and derogatory claims on its front page posted,” said Rush at the time. “This does irreparable damage to my reputation caused and it is extremely painful for my wife, my daughter and son, my family and my colleagues in the film-, television – and theaterindustrie,” says the actor.

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