Gambia suspends death penalty

51c2e1810d930c7755bc7d67ee3eb6f9 - Gambia suspends death penalty

BANJUL – Gambia wants to lose the death penalty. President Adama Barrow Sunday the suspension of any executions announced. The West African country is trying to regain its international reputation after last year finally said goodbye could be taken of the authoritarian leader Yahya Jammeh, who for 23 years was in power.

The death penalty is in all of Africa on his return. According to Amnesty International was to in that judgment, in 2016, still only 22 once implemented, against 43 in the previous year. “I take the opportunity to use a moratorium to promulgate for the death penalty in the Gambia, as a first step towards abolition”, said Barrow in a speech on the 53rd anniversary of the independence of Great Britain.

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