FRIDAY: Gijs van Dam vs. Matthijs

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There is after almost four months, finally a little shot in the alleged misbruikzaak around GIJS VAN DAM and JELLE BRANDT CORSTIUS. At the end of October was the Netherlands on its head by this issue, in the slipstream of the series (Me Too)revelations about Hollywoodproducent HARVEY WEINSTEIN.

Brandt Corstius revealed that ’he’ was misused, but the name of the offender at the expense of service lawyers are not allowed to call. A few days later it became clear that a and another in 2002 could have occurred behind the scenes of a talk show Barend and Van Dorp. The man to whom he was referring to was producer GIJS VAN DAM.

Who did along with his lawyer PETER PLASMAN his story with JEROEN PAUW, but then remained silent, despite the fact that both men are also about and again filed charges against each other did.

The next round in the battle is a session for this Friday afternoon has been announced with the Council for Journalism in Amsterdam. This bows about the complaints Of Dam has filed against, among other BNNVARA and MATTHIJS VAN NIEUWKERK, because of their coverage and comments on this matter. With Brandt Corstius at the table called Matthijs, the offender (who was not named, was called ’a bastard’, to later say that he was from the offending column will be quoted.

The TO has let you know within a few weeks to take a decision on whether or not to prosecute in the matter.

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