Freek Vanrooy is going to make the final breakthrough

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Pure Entertainment, that in the autumn of 2017 started with this new label strict after Dina Rodrigues, Kim Dejonghe, Kelsey Adams and Louis Flion now also Freek Vanrooy. That last one is literally a new name, in the Flemish showbizz. Last year he released under the name Frederic do already have a few singletje from including “He is alone”, for which he’s had a lot of attention through various media outlets when he the problems of the homeless told.

Frederic Vanrooy (real name Frank) has been over 20 years in the music business and was o.a. lead singer in a number of bands. With this new cooperation and the new single “Look up” hopes the singer is now all the way through to break. Producer Patrick Hamilton, bassist Vincent Pierins and lyricist Bart Herman worked on the first single from Freek Vanrooy. The corresponding clip is to view via YouTube.

On Saturday, march 3, organizes Freek Vanrooy actually a showavond, with guest artists Hans Merkx, Pascal Montelli, vocalist duo Jens & Jonathan, Sammy Moore and Johan Veugelers. This party takes place in P. C. Delle, Mechelsesteenweg 1090 to 3020 Winksele-Delle. The show will start at 20 hours. Presale Tickets cost € 15, while the ticket office € 17 neertelt. Reservations can be made via or on the number 0477/39.27.35.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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