Flemish showbizz in mourning

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The Flemish showbiz is in mourning. The afternoon is Benny The Roock died. Benny was a popular man in the Flemish showbizz. So he was, among other driver and technician Paul Severs but Benny was also a dj and the atmosphere on celebrations it could bring.
“Benny worked during the day at CC Westrand in Dilbeek and after his day’s work, he was also my driver and technician”, responds an excited Paul Severs. “The death of Benny is really bad news. Such a brave man, still so young and so much meaning in life”, says Paul in a comment.

And it must be said, where you are, Paul Severs saw was Benny often in the neighborhood. Paul taught Benny many years ago, when Benny was still a presenter at Radio Pajottenland. His radio name was Benito and that name remained even after his radiocarrière hang. “I was at the time regularly along with Radio Pajottenland for an interview and there I learned to Benny know. He is still one of my top best friends. Today is a dark day for me because I am losing my most precious friend” sobs Paul Severs. The singer let his tears run freely, so great is the pain. “He was the man who day in and day out with me on the job. He was my friend, my technician and my driver. Benny was a long time ago, the news that he geopeerd had to be. He jogged in the past with sleep apnea and had regular check-ups”, is Paul Severs further. “On a day they have something more discovered and he had to urgently be included. The doctor assured Benny that delay was not an option, it was going to be a dangerous condition. That news came when Benny hard. He was really bright, startled. He seemed to be last week, saying goodbye was taking me and Paulette. And Monday, it is quickly gone. Paulette and I are devastated of the news, what a great friend was Benny,” concludes Paul.

Also Christophe, the son of Paul Severs, of his milk. “I still can’t grasp it. You were our regular technician and he did that with incredible dedication and professionalism! Through the years, I am also a REAL friend. Few who have such a heart of gold than you. We’re going to be very hard to miss, copain “pepito” . Strength to your whole family in these difficult times!! Never will you be forgotten… shit man!! dees can still ni!!! R. I. P my friend.. we’ll meet again…” wrote Christophe Monday on Facebook.

And that is something where we can connect. Benny was always busy in the weather for a particular professional. Only the best was good enough in what he did. Benny was passionate but above all a warm human being who, for quite a few of his friends and colleagues. Actually he went quite a while as a dj to stop but he did it so much that he did not have the heart could get to his hobby to build. We will Benny be missed, that much is certain.

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