Facebook sends card to advertisers

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MENLO PARK – Facebook is going to send cards to people who are around the next Us election ads want to post. That must be Russian nepberichten prevent. Katie Harbath of the platform has announced plans.

“If you place an ad in which a candidate is called, we go you a card to send. You have the code then use it to prove that you are in the United States,” said Harbath. She adds, however, that the new measure does not solves everything. The rule is not for general political messages, when an ad only on a particular topic.


The Americans go on the 6th of november this year to vote again. They will choose all 435 members of the House of Representatives and 34 of 100 senators. In both rooms have the Republicans of president Trump a majority.

Social media, including Facebook, are under fire because they are too little would have done it against interference in the elections by the end of 2016, when Trump was elected. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller last week thirteen Russians and three Russian companies have been sued for that campaign. They would social media have been used to Trump to help, and his opponent is Hillary Clinton.

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