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F1-pilot: “Easily test with Halo”

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Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas to say trouble-free a racing simulation with a Halo can make. The Fin was to say no problems and says that it is a matter of time before everyone get used to touch.

For the F1-teams formed Halo an additional challenge in the development of the F1 cars for the season 2018. Also the riders come, however, for an extra challenge, as Halo of course, in the field of vision.

During a test in the F1-simulator of Mercedes Valtteri Bottas to say, however, no significant problems encountered.

“I have in the simulator is a racing simulation with Halo and I must say that I during the race is no longer noted to have,” said Bottas. “Once you’re in it are used then there is little difference. There it is once and you have to get used to, that will be the same for the spectators.”

According to Bottas will both the riders and the spectators quickly adapt to the new F1 cars with Halo.

“In the beginning, it is something new and it looks different. Some people even find it not at all pretty and the ugly.”

“However, it will only a matter of time before one becomes accustomed and if one injury can be avoided, no matter how large or small, then it is a good instrument.”

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