Evi Hanssen Tuesday in Greetings From….

Evi Hanssen Tuesday in Greetings From....

1991. The year of the megadiscotheken, the Black Sunday and the live broadcast operation Desert Storm in Iraq. But also the year of the grungemuziek, the first Miss Belgian Beauty Rani De Coninck and the breakthrough of inline skates. On tv store tienerharten faster when the opening tune of Beverly Hills 90210, let David Lynch, the mysterious Twin Peaks loose on the world, we learn to The Fresh Prince to know, and breaks down Ten To See kijkcijferrecords. In that wonderful year is Evi Hanssen 12 years old.
Together with her sons Scout (8), and Mac (7), Evi in Greetings From back to the ancient times, at least according to Scout. “And go back to the ancient times, you do that once in your life”, sounds. The trip to the past done with a Toyota Starlett. Without servostuur or gps, but with the cassette player and hits of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana or Bryan Adams. In their stay, from the nineties are also the tapes. Scout and Mac have no idea what they are for. “You should look”, try Scout. And also “the Playboy”, better known as the Game Boy, for the boys unknown terrain.

The wardrobe for their three-day is one that is far from Evi-removed. “Is really terrible. This is so ugly. I recognize myself in. But the year is 1991, and I experience this. I give me about.” The baggy pants, sneakers and high waistlines for hilarity. But like any Friday night in the 90’s draws Evi first time the uniform of her choir The Notekrakers. “Performing was always in me,” she says. Specially for Greetings From all members of the choir of yesteryear one last time together for a rehearsal.
The tv-evening, late Scout and Mac discover Fort Boyard, The Home Of Distrust and Videodinges with Frank Dingenen. “That was like YouTube, which didn’t exist yet. People sent their videos to this show,” explains Evi. The next day, for fun, Scout and Mac, with how to write a letter to their pennenvriend and also get Evi post of her British childhood friend Curly. in the Evening may visit to enjoy Evi’s favorite meal when she was 12: macaroni. When Scout after a long night, still not to bed, seem to be the times still not changed…

Greetings from, Tuesday at 20: 35 hours on VTM.

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