Dutch role in the German song Contest

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The netherlands play next Thursday a large party in the German preliminaries for the Eurovision song Contest.

Two Dutchmen are sitting in the international jury, including radioman Florent Luyckx (ex-3FM and ex-Q-Radio), and singer Carolina Dijkhuizen (known from Aida and The Lion King). These experts (including producers, choreographers and record bosses in that direction) are all involved in the selection of the six candidates that the upcoming Thursday against each other to record in the tv-show “Unser Song Für Lisbon.” It is the first time that Germany is a part of their choice for the song Contest, lead by a number of international experts.

Not only brings the Netherlands two international judges, are also two of the six participating songs was co-written by the Brabant Loren Nine Geerts.

Dijkhuizen, who in 2008 participated as a backing vocalist for the Dutch entry, looking forward. Germany must once again antics at the song Contest, Dijkhuizen. “It is time that they join in with a good song. They have not even so long ago, in 2010, still won. But in recent years it was bad.” Since 2012, the downhill with Germany at the euro song Contest. The last three years, the country has even completely lost its way and ended our eastern neighbours is always on the last or second-last place on the liedjeswedstrijd.

Dijkhuizen will on Thursday pay special attention to the quality of the songs. After the implementation of the act and on the vocals. “It does make a difference if someone is pure can sing,” she says. “I try to look at what is going to work against the violence of the other countries. My own taste is of less importance.”

Her song Contest-favourite of the last few years, “Euphoria”, which Sweden in 2012 won. “That was a song which you instantly saw it was going to win,” says the 37-year-old singer. “A good song and a good-looking act. A winning submission must hang and it has to be different than the rest. It should stand out.”

For artists is the song Contest, world’s greatest stage. Her participation has Dijkhuizen merely good memories. “Only if you’re there, penetrates the size of the event through to you. With other candidates we made music in the lobby of the hotel with the Irish. Who sent that year a turkey. That was a party. There is a huge fraternity of the song Contest.”

In Waylon, this year for the Netherlands participates, has Dijkhuizen all trust. “If he is with a soulnummer is, can he really have anyone to blow away. It really is someone with a personality. I am very curious what he will do. Really an artist. He must to the last detail to prepare for.”

Except for a 20-member international jury, the tv viewers and a panel of a hundred people in the German candidates Thursday rate. Each of those votes counts for one-third in the final result.

The Brabant Loren Nine Geerts, in its turn, is thrilled that she Thursday, with two songs in the German preliminary round. The are the songs “My Own Way” and “Jonah”; that last song she wrote with Axel Ehnström. If Paradise Oskar did in 2011, he competed for Finland.

Other prominent international judges are Margaret Berger (Norway), Filip Adamo (Sweden), Einar Bardason (Iceland) and Tinkara Kovac (Slovenia). All six of the participating songs will tomorrow be released. “Unser Song Für Lisbon”, live broadcast, Thursday, 22 February 20:15 pm, Das Erste.

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