Duchess of Cambridge in dark green dress at the BAFTA’s

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As a member of the royal family should Catherine not political positions.

Prince William and his wife Catherine, the duchess of Cambridge, were Sunday night at the annual award ceremony of BAFTA, the British film awards. Catherine was the talk of the evening because they are not in the black was dressed. The duchess chose a dark green dress. while almost all of the stars in the black were dressed for their support to the actresses who the #metoo-discussion unleashed.

On Twitter got the royal both criticism as acclaim.

The dress code is for Catherine is a difficult issue, reported New York Daily News. As a member of the royal house she may have no political statements to make. Also not for a, according to many, good thing as a statement against sexual violence.

Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong’o, Saoirse Ronan and Lily and James were among the stars that were in the black on the red carpet and showed to protest against sexual violence.

Before the stars took possession of the runner, there was a protest. A number of women in T-shirts with the text ‘Time’s Up, Theresa had taken possession of the red carpet. They went there they lie, and it was only when the police arrived, they abandoned their position.

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