Dozens of deaths by attacks in Eastern Ghouta

050c684aa6ef248589b1820c7529ece4 - Dozens of deaths by attacks in Eastern Ghouta

BEIRUT – the sustained bombing and artilleriebeschietingen on insurgents in Eastern Ghouta in 24 hours time 71 people to the life to come. Also, as many as 325 wounded. The Syrian Observatory for human Rights announced Monday.

Troops of the government-Assad carried out the attack on the enclave to the east of Damascus. The rebels responded with mortar fire toward the Syrian capital, which according to the local media a child was killed and seven persons suffering personal injury occurred.

Eastern Ghouta, one of the last strongholds of opponents of president Bashar al-Assad since the 2013 siege. According to the UN, living in the area has almost 400,000 people.

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