Criticism of Fergie’s performance of national anthem

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The version of the American national anthem that Fergie Sunday singing for the kick-off of the NBA All-Star Game, couldn’t charm anyone. On social media, its performance heavily burned and also the players during the song in the picture came to lay their doubts to have about the gig.

The All-Star Game is a friendly competition between two gelegenheidsteams consisting of star players from the North American basketbalcompetitie NBA. With the duel is annually raised money for good causes. The Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies released the Canadian national anthem Oh Canada played, and Fergie was selected to The Star-Spangled Banner to sing for America.

The singer chose a fairly long jazzversie of the national anthem, which, according to several people on Twitter seemed to be inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s famous verjaardagsserenade to president Kennedy. During the live broadcast gig came some players and visitors in the picture, who do not appreciate showed. So lay basketball player Draymond Green and presenter Jimmy Kimmel, their laughter not to be able to keep.

Fergie was not the only one who was criticized for her performance at the contest. Earlier in the evening was comedian Kevin Hart full low on social media when he was in the opening act, the players introduced and this, according to many viewers for far too long.

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