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Commission Toporovski stops already on the first working day

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The first working day of the expert commission that the collection Toporovski would investigate, was the last. The commission is in the course of the day dissolved.

Four experts, under the chairmanship of Thomas Leysen, would the collection Toporovski studies. The couple gave 26 loans, the Russian avant-garde art at the Museum of Fine Arts of Ghent. About the authenticity of these works were doubts.
The Foundation Dieleghem, is the owner of the works, had in principle agreed to five working in the lab to investigate.

A letter from her lawyers put out there today on the first meeting additional requirements. ‘This came, de facto, tantamount to a veto power for the work to start, ” writes Thomas Leysen in a press release. ‘In these circumstances was the task for the commission has become impossible, and the commission has therefore decided to force her to stop.’

Minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD), who took the initiative for the research, the dissolution of the commission be ratified. “It was not opportune, the members of the commission further laps to run,” says Gatz. For him it is the matter of the job. “The museum is an urban setting. The full responsibility is now with the city of Ghent.’

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