Christopher Nolan is not the new Bond-director

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The director has signed up the remake of Dune, and so no time.

Christopher Nolan has rumors been refuted that he is in the running for the next James Bond film to direct. Recently, it became clear that Daniel Craig for the fifth time in the role of the super spy 007 in the follow-up of the Spectre of 2015. This is probably the film in november 2019.

Further details about the project, including who the director was Sam Mendes takes over, has yet to be released, but Nolan has made it clear that there is for him no role in dfilm is given.

“I will not be the director,” he declared during the Desert Island Discs show on BBC Radio, after he something of a composer John Barry from the soundtrack of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service dropped to hear.

That does not mean, however, that the Dunkirk-filmmaker is not interested in making a new bond movie.

“I would like ever a Bond movie, and I think that producers – Barbara and Michael – it’s great to do, and that goes for Sam Mendes. So they have me not really necessary,” added Nolan. “But I am always inspired by the movies, and it would be nice to ever have to do.”

Nolan’s comments come a few weeks after the director of Blade Runner, 2049, Denis Villeneuve, revealed that Broccoli was approached to be the 25th edition in the beloved film series. However, he had to thank for the honour after he had signed to his dream; the remake of David Lynch’s sci-fi classic Dune.

“I told Barbara that I like with her and David would work together. Currently, I am a spoiled filmmaker, I think Daniel Craig is a fantastic actor and I would love to be with him want to cooperate, but a few months ago, I’m in Dune stepped and I am not one who withdraws.”

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