Big Bang-actress calls for ’civil disobedience’

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The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik has called for civil disobedience to stricter laws around arms legislation to achieve.

After the massaschietpartij in Florida last Wednesday, in which seventeen people were killed, it is not the first actress that call to action. A group of Hollywood stars, including Chelsea Handler, Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian have members of congress are reminded of their responsibility to take action. Josh Gad talked earlier from the to his life purpose to make better arms legislation. And now adds Mayim Bialik is in the row of stars rising against the government.

“Say yes to civil disobedience,” she says in a video on her Facebook page. “Stand up and encourage others to do the same, whatever the cost.” She asks her fans to the actions of the gun lobby NRA to condemn and demonstrations to support it, such as the March for OUr Lives, which on march 24 will be held in cooperation with the non-profit organization Everytwon for Gun Safety.


In her blog, she describes ways in which people can protest against the current legislation, such as participating in local protests, and to contact government representatives and senators. It also calls on them to be like Josh Gad everyone to support and anyone to vote against a politician who receive money from the NRA.

After some actual stats she comes up with an emotional conclusion. “I will the faces of the victims are not forgotten, but I said that at the last shooting, and yes, their faces are already forgotten,” she added. “I’m angry, I feel defeated, I feel nausea, I’m terrified and sometimes I feel all these things at the same time.”

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