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“Belgium is a disgusting chocoladegoelag without reason’

John Oliver can’t let. The presenter of the popular American late night show ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ leave no opportunity untouched to our country, and to laugh. Last night succeeded Oliver, and even, in one attempt with Donald Trump, Belgium, and for themselves to laugh.

Oliver had the Sunday evening in his show about the way in which American president Donald Trump deal with the rest of the world. It was Oliver that Trump Africa, Haiti and El Salvador shitholes (backward places, red.) would have called.

The presenter gave (in the video clip from 0:40 seconds) allow him to Belgium several times already, in the same way had described. “In my defense: I am not the president, and Belgium is a disgusting chocoladegoelag without reason.’

As Oliver himself admitted, is our country one of his favorite targets. In 2014, he advised the Americans in a satirical advertisement, for example, not to go to Antarctica, but for a different exotic destination: Belgium. “Are your friends already in Belgium? No? Than it is for them exotic.’

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