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Belgians at Wolfsburg getting another new boss: coach Schmidt get himself on

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Martin Schmidt is no longer the coach of Wolfsburg, so made the club out of the Bundesliga Monday known. The Swiss trainer to get off after a disappointing 5 on 18 “with immediate effect” on the Wolves. It is already the second trainerswissel at Wolfsburg this season. Schmidt took over in september, only the helm.

The 50-year-old Schmidt took the decision to “place to clean up for a trainer who is this team a new boost,” writes Wolfsburg on his website. “After a heated discussion went into the club to agree with his decision to leave.”

“The club was convinced that we together, with Schmidt, the tide could be turning. But Schmidt took us on the surprise and announced his resignation to”, explained general manager Tim Schumacher.

“Wolfsburg have now with a new coach the preservation as soon as possible rescue. We had that goal like reached with Schmidt himself, but we didn’t know him ompraten. This is disappointing, because we believed that he was the right man in the right place”, filled in as a sports director Olaf Rebbe.

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Wolfsburg have been trying a few weeks without result the degradatiespook in the Bundesliga to turn away. After 23 days, the club of Divock Origi, Koen Casteels and Landry Dimata less than a point more than the insecure Mainz. Last weekend seemed to make it a point to pick up against Bayern Munich, after a penaltysave of Casteels. Into the slot went to Wolfsburg is still down.

It is at the moment not clear who takes over. This communicates Wolfsburg on Tuesday.

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