Arms trade gives Trump a discount on the device in Las Vegas shooting rampage so bloody it made

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An American arms offers a 10 percent discount on appliances that are semi-automatic rifles to the firepower of automatic rifles to give customers the coupon code ‘MAGA’ (Make America Great Again).

In the United States, the possession and use of virtually all fully automatic weapons are prohibited. That is the reason why the easy-to-obtain “bump stocks” in U.s. arms dealers over the counter go like hot cakes. Who, as a special type of flask on his submachine gun, place, leave that device, the recoil of his rifle to use to continuously keep firing. The upgrade leads to a semi-automatic weapon (almost) just as fast to fire as a fully automatic weapon.

Las Vegas

After a 64-year-old millionaire, Stephen Paddock, last year 59 festival-goers doodschoot and more than 500 others injured from a hotel room in Las Vegas, were ‘bump stock’ for a while, run for discussion. Just because Paddock is about as much firepower at its disposal, was the number of victims is very high.

The largest manufacturer of the devices, Slide Fire, responded that it ” was obviously never the intention had been to attack to facilitate’. “Our idea originated from a recreational point of view,” she said in 2011. ‘We noticed that a round of shooting in the backyard a lot more fun when you have a good gas can, instead of noticing that one neighbor who still has authorisation for a fully automatic weapon, shoots faster than you.”

Ten percent discount

While there just after the shooting in Las Vegas many political intentions were to make the use of such devices, a ban is a legal prohibition in many states are still far from the American bed. Slide Fire, which is still acting legally, and gold does business, made on Monday, advertising for its goods.

“On President’s Day, we celebrate the achievements and lives of the American presidents’, it sounds in an accompanying e-mail, which is also The Guardianjournalist Lois Beckett received. “We honor our American history and the freedoms we cherish in the USA. #HeresToFreedom. To this day, to celebrate, we offer ten percent discount to all of our followers. Use the coupon ‘MAGA’ (Make America Great Again, red.) and now you can enjoy a discount on all of our stockitems.’

The action is a cynical and angry reactions from relatives of the victims of shootings. ‘Florida has just happened, and then you do this! That is still disrespectful’, it sounds on Twitter. ‘This is sick man, just stop doing it anyway.’


A co-founder of Slide Fire, Jeremiah Cottle, announced the closing of the company not only would have been fatal for recreational wapenliefhebbers, but also for the employment in the area. The company, which is located in Moran (Kansas), about ten percent of the population worldwide.

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