American steals thumb terracottabeeld, Chinese people furious

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PHILADELPHIA – Chinese authorities require “a heavy penalty” for an American, that an inch has stolen a two thousand year old Chinese terracottabeeld.

The 24-year-old man visited on 21 december, the ’Ugly Sweater’party in the museum of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It seemed to him like to continue the celebrations between the terracotta sculptures and knew the at that time closed exhibition to penetrate.

According to state media, he used a mobile phone as a flashlight, and he took a selfie with one of the fighters. He cuddled the picture and broke a thumb. That he stopped in his bag. Only on January 8, discovered staff that a thumb was missing.

Thumb in the desk drawer

The FBI managed to find out who the thumb of the image, which has a value of 4.5 million dollars, had been stolen. They visited the man, Michael Rohana, at home. He admitted the thumb to have been stolen, and had the piece of picture in his desk drawer stopped.

The ten life-size sculptures that are exhibited in the American museum are part of an army of 8000. The terracotta army, which was made for the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huangdi, was in 1974 discovered. The images had to protect him in the afterlife.

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