Also, party for the animals in Belgium

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BRUSSELS – Even as Belgians can now vote for a party that the rights of animals to be of paramount importance. DierAnimal want next year to join in with the elections for the federal parliament. The six founders presented their bilingual party Monday in Brussels. The motto is ’For animals, people and planet’.

DierAnimal is against animal testing and intensive farming. The party is fighting more for human – and animal-friendly agriculture and sustainable forest management worldwide.

It is the nineteenth political party in the world that the position of the planet and animals at the centre, says the Dutch Party for the Animals on the sister. Mep Anja Hazekamp was present at the launch. “Fortunately, there are more and more people who realize that we are vulnerable values the need to protect it: compassion, sustainability and the respectful treatment of humans and animals. That is what we need.”

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