Actress Jennifer Lawrence is activist

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence is activist

Jennifer Lawrence is an activist. Photo: REUTERS.

The American actress Jennifer Lawrence stops acting. They take a sabbatical of a year of the fight against corruption and for democratic values.

That said the actress at Entertainment Tonight. Also wants the 27-year-old actress try to get young people for the local political interest and will to do that due to work for the non-governmental organization Represent.Us.

It is not the first time that Lawrence, who since 2008 in a whopping 23 films played a part, her voice. So, she was one of the well-known figureheads of the Women’s March, a protest against president Trump.

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Also recommends for the same wages for men and women. After the filming of American Hustle raised Lawrence to Amy Adams and they were paid less than their male opponents Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale.

Good salary

Still earns Lawrence, best known for the Hunger Games-movies, not bad; she is one of the bestbetaalde Hollywood actresses. In 2016, she earned the most, last year earned only Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston more.

Lawrence is this year in two films to see for its decision are recorded. This Red Sparrow and the new X-Men.

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