A lot of stars in our Van Gils & Guests

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Tonight at the table with Lieven Van Gils:

– ‘Animal Animal’ Belgium has again a dierenpartij. Constance Adonis, the chairman of the party, and Michel Vandenbosch of GAIA come in and explain
– Kristel Verbeke is, more than ever, K3 af now she debuts on one with Kinderkopkes
– Salvatore Adamo, meanwhile, has such a careless 100 million albums sold, that he is the most successful Belgian artist ever. To that number of what to increase, he brings with ‘Si vous saviez’, his 25th studio album from
– Monthly visits to more than 600,000 people, the website of Jelle Hermus where your ideas can pick up to life more, with less and less effort. Wondering if Flanders is ready for its recipes, not to live as a poor portion of chips.

Van Gils & guests, tonight at 21.55 h.

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