Young survivors: “We are marching for our lives to beg’

cc698938ed9b0126aca39d8d01a7fd5b - Young survivors: "We are marching for our lives to beg’

The adolescents that the shooting at the school in Florida survived, have a national demonstration in Washington announced. They demand stricter wapenwetten.

The young organizers hope that the shooting Wednesday in a school in Parkland a turning point in the wapendebat. Seventeen people were killed when a 19-year-old gunman in the school opened fire.

“We are going as students work together to march for our lives to beg,” said Cameron Kasky (17) of the high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas on ABC News.

On march 24, want the survivors demand that children and their families become a priority for policy makers. They also call on to this day in other cities, on the streets. The demonstrations were given the name ‘March For Our Lives”.

On a website, ask the organizers that the Conference ‘within a short time legislation approves to the gun violence effectively’.

Also, this weekend, argued hundreds of students and relatives for stricter wapenwetten. ‘Shame on you’, chanted the protesters to the address of president Trump and members of congress.

In his first public statements about the wapendebat, be president Trump the Democrats with the finger because they, according to him, no laws have been implemented when they were in the beginning of the Obama administration, a majority in the Congress. Last year the president said that he’s never been on the right to arms would hit.

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