Xandee again in the hospital and she has no good news

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It should now really go and stop. Each and every house has its cross, but the cross that Sandy Boets the recent years, wearing is especially heavy. After a particularly heavy 2017 knew 2018 a less pleasant start for Sandy because her mom died of lung cancer.
“Here we are again. The misery stops.”, wrote Xandee Sunday morning from the Ghent university hospital. There is the singer recorded for a surgery on the uterus. Was previously the singer, among other things, her heart surgery because they have heart rhythm disorders had. There was eventually a other heart valve inserted. And now arises a new operation, and it is not a fun operation. In one study, in fact, a tumor was discovered in the uterus of the female singer. That tumor can only be removed surgically but that can’t be right. The blood of Xandee is too thin and operate is now much too dangerous. The specialists will try that blood is a bit thicker to make it to a surgery. The singer is again in the sukkelstraatje. When the surgery will be is not clear. Sandy knows happy the courage to hold and remains, despite all the misery still positive.
We are keeping our fingers crossed for a good outcome.

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