Trump: the FBI is too busy with Russia-research

bed7aa514c96f64bb0dc936e0374a5ac - Trump: the FBI is too busy with Russia-research

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has taken to the FBI, and parliamentarians who are very busy to create to prove that the Russians are interfered with the American elections in 2016. By so concentrating on that subject, the federal criminal police signals missed that the deadly shooting at a school in Florida had been able to prevent.

In a series of tweets from his stay at Mar-a-Lago sets Trump that the Congresonderzoeken and the political enmity show that Russia has succeeded in “quarrel, discord and chaos” to sow in the USA. He accused his predecessor, Barack Obama by saying that it has done too little to put an end to the Russian meddling. “They laugh themselves to pieces in Moscow,” said Trump Sunday.

Previously, he focused his energies on the FBI for ignoring the warning signs that the 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, who seventeen people doodschoot at a school in Parkland, was issued. “It is very sad that they all have missed. That is not acceptable. They spend too much time searching for evidence of a Russian conspiracy with the Trump campaign. That is not there.”

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